Bedroom Trends in 2014

The bedroom; one of the most sacred rooms of the house and one of the rooms where we spend the most time (even if it’s to merely sleep).  It can also be one of the few room where you can design and decorate it to meet your particular tastes, and not have to worry what Tom, Dick and Harry thinks, as they’ll never see it.  For couples, there needs to be a balance, a juggling act, sacrificing personal extremes and coming to an agreement on a design that works for both.

We at Freshome know the psychological effect and mental state a room can put one into; the colors, feel and energy which it emits.  It just so happens the bedroom is the first environment we are subjected to when our eyes open and it’s also the last image which we have when falling asleep.  A few of us here are interested in psychology and we believe a healthy way to start the day is  to wake up in a bedroom environment which stimulates positive mental energy, which is the perfect springboard to Carpe Diem the day with true passion and gusto.

orchid floral-wall-art

Gray, Soft Blacks and off Whites

Look for off blacks, grays and whites, all rolling back into each other like the greens of a forest fold back into each green.  Take a visit to any of the interior design or trade fairs this year and you’ll see this color palette prevalent amongst vendors.  Popular amongst vendors means in demand from customers, which means this will be one of the trends of 2014.


Hotel Influence

Some will loathe this one, but hotel style bedrooms are edging their foot through the door of home bedroom design.  Look for large roomy beds, extravagant, yet universal headboards, bringing in the practical elements such as bedside lighting, table and chairs and large windows to let in a lot of natural light.



While it’s an old trend, it is still, and will continue to be popular.  It’s a very safe option if you plan not to change the decor of the room for generations as it doesn’t have a time stamp on it.  Think of the interior design trends of the 60’s and 70’s, they went out of fashion and aged which requires an remodeling at some point. A room like the one below is timeless.  The room will have to be touched up to keep it fresh but the general underlying design of the room remains.  The arm chair and foot rest, pillows and even the drape around the bottom of the bed are floral, which is a massive trend in 2014, therefore, even a room which is traditional could be accessorized with fixtures and fittings which are in vogue, so long as they complement the principles of the room.


Radiant Orchid

Rich and vibrant with life; just like the name suggests, radiant orchid is Pantone’s color choice for 2014.  This palette is not for everybody, but as aforementioned, if this color energizes you, go for it as it’ll not only please your emotional heart strings, it’ll also please your mental faculties knowing you’re on the cutting edge of the latest interior design trends. Look to color walls, lampshades, floral art, rugs, patterned cushion, pillow, bed covering and upholstery covering and to finish off, add a ravishing live orchid as the cherry on the cake.


Dash of Danish

Danish beds are in for 2014. This style of bed has been growing in popularity over the past year and is seen to continue in its trend.  The low, clean and clinical beds ooze of sophistication.  The bed is the center piece of the bedroom, it’s the biggest piece of furniture that draws the eye, therefore it’s important that you find one which suits the design of the room and one which catches the eye.  Danish beds do just this.  Complement the Danish bed with an uncluttered, bright, organized room for maximum effect.


Moroccan Accents

We’ve seen a rise in ethnic prints over the past few years, but this trend is more specific: Moroccan.  Morocco, placed up in the north west of Africa has penetrated the design world with its unique patterns and designs.  Look for Moroccan patterns on canvas prints, puffs, curtains, sheers, bed and upholstery coverings.  There are all additions to a room which are easy to implement yet strikingly powerful in their impact, offering maximum effect for time invested.  This isn’t going to be a trend for everybody, but it’ll be noticeable and seen throughout 2014.moroccan