Bedroom Makeover with Moss and Coral Accents




This unusual architecture overtaking a bachelor oriented cozy with lots of public areas to hang out.A masking on this modish partition viewing as though it has been spliced to declare a glowing underbelly. Alike sunny than the sunshine that cleanses this home, the ornamentation gloss with sensibly gartingscraping color compound that just can not help but make you look pleased. Here you desire find a many concept that only might compile you in recess fashion if you let them.

We at Freshome know the psychological effect and mental state a room can put one into; the colors, feel and energy which it emits.  It just so happens the bedroom is the first environment we are subjected to when our eyes open and it’s also the last image which we have when falling asleep.  A few of us here are interested in psychology and we believe a healthy way to start the day is  to wake up in a bedroom environment which stimulates positive mental energy, which is the perfect springboard to Carpe Diem the day with true passion and gusto.



This inspiring bedroom makeover is the result of a design collaboration between Decorview and style expert Emily Henderson. The goal of the project was to bring a bit of sunshine into a Los Angeles family and beat out winter blues. The owners (busy parents of three boys) had a dull bedroom with mismatched window coverings from previous owner that weren’t functional and didn’t even open all the way. They also had  lots of “starter” furniture in the room that didn’t go together.

before-05 gold-wallpaper Bedroom_1_050 Bedroom_1_0321 before-03